Fireworks over the lake

Photo by Paul Schaittacher

This year’s fireworks will be held on Saturday, September 1 at 9pm (rain date is Sunday, September 2) on the beachfront of KSA Sports Camp on the western end of the lake.

Every year, the District sponsors a magnificent display of fireworks on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend for the benefit of all District residents, friends and neighbors.  The display is put on by our very own master Harvester, Dave Lewis, who is also a licensed pyro-technician and the owner and operator of Berkshire Fireworks.


2 thoughts on “FIREWORKS!

  1. Laura Arnold on July 13, 2013 at 3:19 pm said:
    I am writing in regards to the Bald Eagles and their offspring. There are 2 babies who fledged on July 1st and 2nd. (Fledging happens 10 to 12 weeks old). They were gone for 2 days learning to fly by watching their parents. The parents encouraged them back to the nest on July 4th. One parent had just roosted near the nest when the fireworks started and scared her off. How rude and disrespectful! These bird are not on the endangered species list however, they ARE still federally protected! It is against the law to disturb these birds. Less than 50% survive their first year. At this time they are still learning to fly and perch. Soon they will learn from their parents to hunt. Please have some respect for these 1st time parents and their fledglings….HUMANS are their top predator, 2nd is the Great Horned Owl, 3rd is Raccoon. Look it up for yourself, laws and behavior.
    Lake Buel has been very blessed to have these birds choose here to live. The association and home owners might want to reconsider fireworks on Labor Day weekend. To home owners, Fireworks are ILLEGAL in Massachusettes. It is VERY disturbing to these birds. Birds don’t fly at night but on the 4th the parent did because it got spooked. What if someone hit it with a firework?? That parent’s freedom and independence would have been…dead. Please have some respect and consideration to help them thrive. The babies won’t be here long…..

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