What on earth is THAT?

Imagine heading out to grille chicken on the deck and encountering this on the railing?  Repulsive yet intriguing. Those are small bones!  How did it get there?  What on earth put it there (or “left” it, “deposited” it?).  Is this a good thing or a problem?

Turns out it’s a good thing if you want confirmation that birds of prey such as Owls reside among us along Lake Buel.  You see these birds do not process everything they eat quite the same way as one might think.  Undigested food items are internally formed into a ball and regurgitated.  The result is what is called a pellet or cast.  So evidently an Owl or Hawk ate well and decided to complete the process on our deck railing.

Our grilled chicken was good, although we were careful to avoid ingesting any bones.

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