2013 Fireworks!

Once again, we’ll have the opportunity to watch a splendid fireworks display over Lake Buel on the Saturday evening of Labor Day weekend (August 31).  The launch site will be the beach area near Kutsher’s Sports Academy around 9:00 PM.  Enjoy!!

5 thoughts on “2013 Fireworks!

  1. hello again – I hope the two or three people that went to watch the fireworks down the other side of the lake, in the rain, didn’t get too wet and enjoyed the private viewing while the rest of us thought for sure they would be cancelled and stayed in our homes. I really believe we should save the money and use it for something else rather than have the fireworks on labor day weekend and in the rain. When will there be a vote taken on this topic?

    • Funding for the fireworks is discussed and voted on each year at the Lake Buel District annual meeting held in late May. All District taxpayers are invited and strongly encouraged to attend. There is a process for submitting proxy votes included in the package mailed to each homeowner if he/she is not able to attend in person. Fireworks are funded because a majority of the eligible voters, including proxy votes, support it.

      Shortly after 5:30 PM on Saturday, Paula Hatch sent an email to the Lake Buel district email list confirming the fireworks were still on. I’m sure it is difficult for the organizers when the weather is in such a state of flux as yesterday and setting up a fireworks display requires many hours of preparation.

      The Lake Buel District email list has been subscribed to by 87 people. If you have not yet signed up, you may do so through this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/LakeBuelDistrict/info

      • Hi Chuck – thanks for the response. I don’t have a Yahoo account so not signed up in the email list, but thanks for the information.

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