Opposition to Industrial Complex Buildout

February 28, 2018

Dear Selectmen,

Board of Selectmen
807 Mill River Southfield Road
Mill River, MA 01244

I am writing to you as a board member of the Lake Buel Restoration and Preservation District (LBD). The LBD, created approximately 25 years ago, is a unique municipality representing all property owners with access to Lake Buel. The Board represents both New Marlborough and Monterey landowners.
It has come to our attention that a Special Permit Hearing is scheduled for March 12, 2018 to consider Mr. Setiz’s application to construct an Industrial Complex in Hartsville. The application survey shows that the complex will consist of over 110,000 square feet of covered space and indicates future expansion to include a Solar Farm, Lodging of some sort, parking spaces planned for 48 vehicles, and creation of a new access road.

Passage of this application will bring dramatic change to Hartsville with increased traffic, and potential adverse affects to wildlife, environmental and other impacts we may not foresee today. The processing of Marijuana produces many by-products, both liquid and solids, that need to be labeled Hazardous Waste. Oversight by the town would need to be comprehensive and expensive.

The legalization of marijuana is not a closed issue, as the Federal Government still lists Marijuana as a controlled substance. As you know, the areas that lie below the proposed project are sensitive wetlands as a ride along Adsit Crosby road will demonstrate. These wetlands receive drainage from the mountain above and then drain into the Konkapot River. The Konkapot River over the last 15 years has flowed backward into Lake Buel at least three times. Contamination of these wetlands backing up into Lake Buel could have very negative consequences. These sensitive areas should be protected and the construction of a large Industrial Complex will pose serious problems.

Aesthetically, the project will be a disaster to the beauty of New Marlborough. Being perched on the hillside, visible in all directions, is not how we want to grow Hartsville or New Marlborough. Future plans for lodging will only bring further blight to that area. Lake Buel landowners, who represent a very significant portion of the taxes raised in New Marlborough, currently pay a large premium for the views of the lake and surrounding hills and mountains. The proposed project would be visible from most of the Lake and even worse, 24 hour security lighting will create severe light pollution!

Lake Buel is a significant asset to New Marlborough which attracts tourists and second home owners that demand very little from the towns’ resources. Let’s try to keep this asset intact and allow future generations to appreciate it as it is today.

In conclusion, let it be clear that the Lake Buel District Board, representing landowners of New Marlborough and Monterey who have access to the lake, strongly oppose the construction of this large Industrial Complex at the currently proposed site. Your negative vote will help protect Hartsville, the environment, and preserve the unique beauty of our community.

Cc: New Marlborough Conservation Committee
Peter Hagen, Chairman
Lake Buel Restoration and Preservation District Board

3 thoughts on “Opposition to Industrial Complex Buildout

  1. This is outrageous and must be stopped. Many nearby homeowners have not been notified about this! It will have dire environmental consequences for the area, it’s land, air and freshwater habitats. It will destroy the quality of life in the area as well as property values.

  2. I am trying to reach Peter Hagen and/or other officers of the Lake Buel District Organization and can’t seem to find a working phone number. Please call me as soon as possible about this proposed marijuana industrial site. I belong to the Lake Buel District.
    Robin Williams

  3. Do we have a lawyer to represent us at this hearing? I think it important that we have someone who can represent us, as both the Board of Selectmen and Joshua Seitz will have their attorneys present. We need an attorney with zoning expertise and possibly familiar with state regulation on wetlands and endangered species habitate . Having spoken with Timothy McKenna from the Massachusetts DEP, Division of Wetlands Protection (413)755-2260, it appears that this construction project would need special permits from both his office and the state’s Endangered Species division as it will affect wetlands and land that is habitat for endangered species. He indicated they can provide advice when contacted by the local Conservation Commission. Do we know what the Conservation Commission is doing about this?

    On Feb 23, 2018 4:11 PM, “Lake Buel – A place we love” wrote:

    > Ginny H posted: “February 28, 2018 Dear Selectmen, Board of Selectmen 807 > Mill River Southfield Road Mill River, MA 01244 > > I am writing to you as a board member of the Lake Buel Restoration and > Preservation District (LBD). The LBD, created approximately 25 years a” >

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