Notify NM select board via USPS

Hello friends of Lake Buel. Thank you all for your support in our efforts to fight the proposed cannibas industrial complex in Hartsville. There has been quite a surge of support with our efforts to stop the New Marlborough select board from granting a special permit to Campus Oasis the proposed Industrial Complex. However we remain very concerned that our elected officials are in favor of this proposal. It has come to our attention that “any email letters sent to the select board voicing an opposition to this special permit are not considered valid & may not even be read”.
Despite the concern & opposition from those who have attended the select board & planning board meetings on this subject, we have concerns that the select board may rule in favor of the permit. That decision will probably be made at March 12th open meeting. I strongly urge you to send a letter via USPS to the select board opposing the special permit submitted by Campus Oasis, ASAP! Only letters addressed to the board & mailed by the US postal service can be considered.

2 thoughts on “Notify NM select board via USPS

  1. I would urge everyone to call the Select Board and let them know your views:
    Tara B. White – Board Chair 413-229-7754
    Michele Shalaby – 413-229-9050
    Nathaniel (Nat) Yohalem – 413-528-1409

    Ms. White has not returned my calls so far but I left a message on the answering machine and I would urge others to do likewise.

    Elected officials should hear from the community!

    • I did first try the Select Board phone number at the town hall but I was unable to reach any Board members that way which is why I recommended the listed phone numbers mentioned previously.

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