Lake Buel District Meeting Minutes June 26, 2018

Lake Buel District Board Meeting

June 26, 2018

28 Seven Arts Road, Monterey

Members present:  Chairman Peter Hagen, Kyle Pierce, Chris Hassett, Mark Amstead, & Wayne Dolby.

Meeting was called to order by Pete Hagen at 7PM.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to approve the following minutes:

May 9th, May 26th, & May 26th annual meeting.

Chris Hassett traveled both canals in Herbert’s Cove area to see if the harvester could go down them.  Mark Amstead spoke with Mr. Mike Ordyna to inform him that there weren’t any trees down, since Mr. Ordyna didn’t want to get stuck.  Mike Ordyna completed the work last week and has taken out 4 loads.  It was noted that the water level is high at this time.  The board discussed possible cutting trees that fall in the canal if necessary in the winter when the water is frozen.  Mark Amstead had one compliant of the condition of the canal last year.  The board decided that they will keep working on accessible access to the canal.


Pete Hagen mentioned that he hasn’t got far with the email list; he has around 100 emails so far, and will continue to work on this.

Pete Hagen stated that he has called all the local CPA’s in Great Barrington as well as Thomas Scalion Associates; none were interested in the job since it is too small for them to complete.  Pete Hagen will continue to locate a CPA, for the audit of the books.

Chris Hassett mentioned that the level of the lake is going over the dam, with an 8 inch drop of into the outlet.  It was noted that 3 old beavers are still present under the water.  Mr. Hassett inquired if any old beaver dams can be removed.  Mr. Hagen will be in contact with the New Marlborough Conservation Commission to extend the NOI’S.

Kylie Pierce mentioned that Pete Hagen and herself picked up documents from the Monterey Town Hall that belong to the District, which were 3 good size tote bags.

The board discussed the 5 year plan which still needs to be worked on.  Mr. Hagen has contacted the Stockbridge Bowl, which stated that things are going very slowly for them, they discussed their conditions of the lake and if it is best to raise the level of the lake or dredge it out.  They have worked with Mr. Ken Wagner.  It was mentioned that Mr. Jerry Weinstock is very interested seeking grants for dredging projects.  Pete Hagen will contact Twin Lakes and Mr. Amstead will contact Lee Tryon to talk about possible costs.  Pete Hagen will look into applying for grants.

The board reviewed the pay for Ms. Pat Mielke as the consultant and has decided to distribute $300.00 a quarter.

The Board reviewed the mail:

Received a thank you note from Ms. Mielke for the gift card to the Old Mill Restaurant, which was for all of her years of service to the district.  Note that the board members paid for the gift themselves.

Received a letter from MIIA a credit of $229.00.

The board reviewed a letter from the Housatonic Valley Association seeking volunteers to do an assessment of the Konkapot River.  Kylie Pierce has volunteered to do a section in New Marlborough and Wayne Dolby & Chris Hassett will also volunteer.  More training will take place on June 28th.

Mark Amstead mentioned that last week a hydraulic hose broke on the weed harvester and has been repaired.  It was noted that the board should have procedures in place when a spill happens and have material data sheets on board.  Mark Amstead will be the contact person for any situations and Chris Hassett will be the seconded contact person if needed.  Mr. Amstead mentioned that maybe the district should purchase an oil containment boom.  It was discussed that there should be a maintenance plan for the harvester machine.  The board noted that the weed harvest machine is 15 years old, and wondered if there was any maintenance schedule that came with the machine.  It was noted that a manual came with the weed harvest machine.  It was also noted that the hydraulic system uses vegetable oil.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to adjourn at 8:47 PM.

Next meeting is scheduled for August 21st at Kylie Pierce residence.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Chretien, Clerk

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