Lake Buel District Meeting Minutes March 22, 2018

Lake Buel District Board Meeting

March 22, 2018

28 Corashire Road, New Marlborough


Members present:  Wayne Dolby, Kyle Pierce, Chris Hassett, Mark Amstead.  Peter Hagen, Chairman by phone.

Meeting was called to order by Chairman, Mr. Hagen at 7PM.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to approve previous minutes.

Mr. Hagen stated that Ms. Kathy Chretien has offered to take the minutes of the meeting.

Mr. Hagen stated that there are three items to discuss:

  1. Interview for District Clerk/Treasurer/Tax Collector.
  2. Review annual warrant package.
  3. Discuss the special permit submitted to the New Marlborough Board of Selectmen – regarding commercial greenhouses, medicinal & recreational cannabis (marijuana), from applicant Oasis Campus LLC.

Ms. Kathy Chretien was present to interview for the positions of District Clerk/Treasurer/Tax Collector.  Ms. Chretien had brought a resume, copies of certificates obtained and letter from recommendation from the Select board.  Ms. Chretien gave an overview of her positions jobs she has with the Town of New Marlborough (Town Clerk, Assistance Tax Collector, Assistance Treasurer, clerical for the Select board & secretary to the conservation commission).  Mr. Hassett questioned if the Ms. Chretien’s credentials would be valid for the positions the district is looking to fill.  Ms. Chretien mentioned that both certificates were just obtain in the fall of 2017 and are valid.  Ms. Chretien also will speak with Ms. Mielke to see if there are any classes she would recommend that Ms. Chretien take.  Ms. Pierce mentioned that Ms. Mielke said that the positions currently are 10 to 12 hours per week.  Ms. Chretien was asked what she would like to request for a salary for each position.  Ms. Chretien response was that she would not expect to earn what Ms. Mielke is currently being paid, since she doesn’t have all the experience that Ms. Mielke has, and she’ll leave the salary amount up to the board to decide.

The board reviewed the warrant package and the letter that was drafted by Mr. Dolby.  Some grammar corrections were made to the letter.  Mr. Hagen & Mr. Dolby will finish the corrections and was completed it will be forward to Ms. Mielke to be included in the warrant.  The warrant needs to be completed by April 1st.  It was noted that the name of new clerk/treasurer/tax collector will need to be added on the warrant.  Ms. Pierce had notice a few minor changes in the warrant and will make the changes with Ms. Mielke.

Mr. Hagen had inquired if one of the articles on the warrant was for $1500 to go a contractor.  Both Mr. Amstead and Mr. Hassett reviewed the warrant but did not notice that article.

Mr. Hagen mentioned that he had sent a letter to the New Marlborough Board of Selectmen regarding the marijuana farm, and has been getting some feedback from residents in the district.  Ms. Pierce mentioned that she will be attending the Monterey Selectmen’s meeting to present them with the letter that Mr. Hagen had completed to the NM Selectmen.  Mr. Hagen was inquiring if the board felt that they should hire a lawyer on behalf to the district.  Mr. Hassett mentioned that he attended the NM Planning Board meeting and will try to attend future upcoming meetings regarding the marijuana farm.  The board thought at this time it is best to stay informed of what’s happening with the special permit and will think about if they need to hire a lawyer.

Ms. Chretien left the meeting at 8PM.

Next meeting is scheduled May 9th at Ms. Pierce residence.

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