Lake Buel District Board Meeting July 21, 2018

Lake Buel District Board Meeting

July 21, 2018

28 Seven Arts Road, Monterey

Members present: Chairman Peter Hagen, Kyle Pierce, Chris Hassett, Mark Amstead, & Wayne Dolby.

Meeting was called to order by Pete Hagen at 7:05PM.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to approve the minutes of June 26th as amended.

The Board reviewed mail and bills:
MIIA: FY19 professional liability coverage – automobile, special property (Board inquired if they should increase the values – Chris will contact MIIA to review the coverage. Kathy will contact MIIA also to verify that the board members have liability insurance).
Tyron Construction bills for weed harvesting & maintenance.
Berkshire Wildlife Solution – beavers & breached dam.
Napa Auto Parts – parts for the weed harvester.
Patriot Properties, Inc – for software and support- tax collector program.
Berkshire Bank – fee schedule – effective 9/7/18.
New Marlborough Tax Bills – 4 pieces of property.

Complaints from Homeowners:

Kyle has received a complaint Jerry Teplitz, a longtime resident, regarding the weed cutting at his property edge and Kyle has spoke to Mike Ordyna, who said that the issue is out of the district scope. Pete mentioned that he had also spoken with Jerry regarding this issue and informed him that the area in question is the property owners own responsibility to do. It was noted that Mike Ordyna mentioned that the weed harvester machine has broken down twice so far.

Weed Control:

Both Wayne and Mark haven’t had any issues with their boats/canoes in the lake and the lake seems to be clear.

Mark mentioned that 14 to 17 loads of weeds are taken out each week with the weed harvester, once taken out the loads are brought to Rick Mielke’s and Lyman Thompson. The board mentioned that more cutting has occurred this year then prior years. It was noted that any weeds left behind then falls the bottom of the lake. Mark will contact Mike Ordyna about cutting in certain areas and be more aggressive.

Pete is still working on hiring a firm to complete an audit of the books.

5 Year Plan:

Pete has done some research on suction harvesting (Piranha Mini Dredge). Pete mentioned that there is two possible ways it can be accomplished:
Rent a machine, which costs about $2500 per day with 1 operator.
Purchase machine which costs about $10,000.
The board reviewed and discussed Pete’s suggestions are will look into this some more and the process of it, Pete will contact someone from Lake Garfield as they have done suction harvesting. It was noted that the bag that the machine uses is very expensive.

Emergency Plan Harvester & Repair:

Mark is working on completing a sign which will be laminated and go on the weed harvester machine. Mike Ordyna will work on the paddle wheels.


It was mentioned that Eric Ives will only complete work once a permit is in place; he has currently trapped one beaver and breached dams (Eric opens the dams are much as possible).

New Business:

Pete mentioned that he has attended the New Marlborough Conservation Commission meeting in July regarding the two orders of conditions for the NOI’s. Pete said that the Commission is in agreement with letting the District continue to do the work. Pete will attend the next Commission’s meeting for clarification.

The Board reviewed and discussed financial reports submitted by treasurer.

Pete mentioned that Pete Scala has a small weed harvester machine that is used around Windemere Lake.

Old Business:

Pete mentioned that he hasn’t gotten too far with the email list and will continue to work on it.

Pete mentioned that he has done some review on Google for grant money for dredging projects.

Chris stated that he has been in contact with Judy regarding the fireworks. Judy stated that things are on track and she has completed the permits, but hasn’t heard from Shawn Tryon as of yet. Mark sent a message to Shawn and quickly received a response from Shawn that the permit has gone through in his office and was sent to the State and should be completed by the State by August 23rd. Judy also mentioned to Chris that the State has been doing inspections of prior events and is it possible to have a boat out patrolling when the fireworks display is occurring. (State would like to keep citizens a distance away when display is occurring). Chris agreed to be available to complete the patrolling.

Kyle mentioned that she has not been able to complete the assessment for the Housatonic Valley Association yet. Kyle said that the area that she would be assessing is two miles of the Konkapot River starting at Adsit Crosby Rd. Kyle also mentioned that Sam Mills has taken two trips down the river and the area has some vegetation.

Pete has mentioned that he has researched purchasing an oil boom, which cost about $1,000 a piece. The other Board members inquired if one is needed and would the boom be placed on the weed harvester.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to adjourn at 9:36 PM.

Next meeting is scheduled for November 13th at Kyle Pierce residence.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Chretien, Clerk