Lake Buel District Board Meeting — January 2, 2019

Lake Buel District Board Meeting
January 2, 2019
62 Lake Side Road, New Marlborough
Members present: Kyle Pierce, Chris Hassett, Mark Amstead, Wayne Dolby, & Peter Hagen.
Meeting was called to order by Pete Hagen at 7:01PM.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to approve the minutes of November 13th as amended.
The Board reviewed mail and bills:
 Tryon Construction bills for weed harvesting & maintenance.
 Town of New Marlborough Real Estate FY19 Tax bills.
 Berkshire Wildlife bill for breached dams and beaver removed.
 Reimbursement bill to Kyle Pierce – memorial flowers.
 The Board reviewed and discussed the financial report submitted by Treasurer.

New Business:
 Pete and Kathy met with representative from MIIA regarding the insurance. Pete mentioned that MIIA will not raise the values. Chris will contact the representative with a few additional questions that need to be answered.
 LAPA – Kyle and Pete attended the meeting which was held in Pittsfield, most of the discussion at the meeting was regarding zebra mussels and what was the State doing about them. Kyle will contact DCR or LAPA to see about obtaining testing reports.

Old Business:
 Pete mentioned that the two order of conditions (NOI’s) with the Town of New Marlborough’s Conservation Commission have been approved for three more years. Pete also mentioned that he inquired about debris in the outlet and was told that a new NOI would need to be filed per Mark Stinson, DEP circuit rider who was in attendance at the Commission’s meeting. Mark Amstead will contact Chris Tryon to see if he can complete a new NOI for the District. Mark will also contact Chuck Wyman to see if the District can access the lake through Wyman’s property. Kyle will contact Alison Dixon to see if she is interested in doing an assessment in the outlet area which is about 1100 feet.
 No news on the fireworks as of yet was reported on by Chris.
 Pete mentioned that he hasn’t had any progress on the email list.
Harvester/Boom: Mark reported that Mike Ordyna is unable to continue working and Tryon wants to discontinue the contract with the District.
Audit: Kyle received one company name for completing an audit. Pete will contact the company, Scanlon & Associates certified public accountants.
Warrant Package: The Board worked on FY20 budget for article #5 General Government and the other articles for Annual Town Meeting. Mark will work on the cover sheet letter.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to adjourn at 9:03 PM.
Next meeting is scheduled for March 12th at Wayne Dolby residence – 28 Corashire Rd.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Chretien, Clerk