Lake Buel District Board Meeting 8/27/2019

Lake Buel District Board Meeting
August 27, 2019
28 Seven Arts Road, Monterey

Members present: Peter Hagen, Kyle Pierce, Chris Hassett, Mark Amstead, & Wayne Dolby.
Meeting was called to order by Chairman, Mr. Hagen at 7PM.
A motion was made, seconded and so voted to approve July 2th minutes as amended.
Old Business:
Outlet Clean Out: No Notice of Intent (NOI) has been filed as of yet. The Board viewed the map area of the Lake. It was noted that silt is a separate issue. Mr. Amstead will contact the Wyman’s for permission to access the Lake from their property. Mr. Hagen will contact the Brown’s for permission as well. The Board thought that it would be great idea to get third party thoughts on the outlet stream and banks, such as the Housatonic Valley Association, Mrs. Pierce will contact Ms. Alison Dixon to see if they can review the outlet.
Email list: Mr. Hagen mentioned that Mrs. Ginny Hyde is still working on the email list.
Audit: Scanlon Associates will be in touch with LBD Treasurer to schedule the audit, as of this meeting no date has been scheduled.
Fireworks: Mr. Hassett mentioned everything is all set for the fireworks display and there are no issues.
New Business:
Solitude Lake Management: The Board had a conference call with Mr. Joe Onorato to discuss issues of the Lake. Mr. Hagen informed Mr. Solitude that the lake consist of 177 acres. Mr. Onorato mentioned that Solitude does everything with lake management which includes the following: water testing, lake mapping, algae control, aerations systems, pond algae control, water quality, neration/foundations, fisheries management, debris/sediment removal, erosion/shoreline management, nuisance/invasive species. Mr. Onorato also mentioned that Solitude has worked for the towns of Greenfield, Stockbridge, Lake Garfield and many others in the Berkshire Region. Mr. Hagen mentioned that thirty years ago only extensive testing was done on the lake. Mr. Onorato mentioned that a survey is good for five years. Mr. Onorato also mentioned that chemicals could be used to assist in the removal of weeds. The Board stated that the residents of the Lake District don’t want chemicals put in the Lake. It was mentioned that a good time to do a survey is either July/August/September. The cost range is $13,000 for an Army Corps method survey (GPS) which Mr. Onorato said would be a good first step and he highly recommends a survey be done. Mr. Onorato also mentioned that for weeds to grow they need water, sun light, nutrients. This past spring was very wet which provided run off of nutrients into the lake. Mr. Onorato also stated that one to two foot of much is common in New England lakes. The Board thanked Mr. Onorato for his time and will be in touch with him.
Harvester/Maintenance/Weeds: Mr. Amstead mentioned that the trailer needs six new tires to replace those that have been on the trailer for fifteen years. The Board agreed to purchase them and pay for the tires out of the equipment account.
Mr. Hagen stated that the harvester is now fifteen years old and asked if it needs to be reconditioned by the original manufacturer. It was noted that the chains were replaced in 2014, and the Harvester will need new cutting teeth, rebuild posts. After discussion the Board will hold off sending the Harvester to the manufacturer and just do the maintenance as required.
The Board feels at this time weeds are under control and that there are three more weeks of cutting. Harvester will cut weeds till September 19th if there are still weeds growing. The Board discussed that the inlet area is getting worse with weeds and the Harvester is doing the best that can be done, but can’t do anything about the silt. It was decided, that a thirty two gallon tank box will be purchased for the Harvester.
The Board discussed that weeds still continue to grow later into the season and then they seem to die off in the fall/winter. It was noted that there are areas where you can see the weeds getting worse, the Board will keep an eye on those areas.

Mission: The Board discussed a mission for the Harvester operations, Mr. Hassett will compose a mission statement.
Water Testing: Basically there are no problems noted from the testing. Mrs. Pierce call will Tri Town Health to see if they have results, since Monterey Board of Health doesn’t have them.

Lake Garfield Group is requesting that the Lake Buel District pay for the testing of Lake Buel; the Board tabled this request till the next meeting since Lake Garfield Group has not submitted any financial information.

Storage Shed: Mr. Amstead stated that there is no need for a shed at this time, that the Harvester can be stored at Larkin’s Farm in Sheffield.

The Board reviewed the bills and approved payment of all.

Next meeting is scheduled for November 19th at 6PM, Mr. Dolby residence – 28 Corashire Road.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to adjourn at 9:03PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Chretien, District Clerk