Lake Buel District Board Meeting December 1, 2020

Lake Buel District Board Meeting

December 1, 2020

Monterey Fire Department Pavilion, 411 Main Road, Monterey

Members present:  Peter Hagen, Kyle Pierce, Chris Hassett, Mark Amstead, & Wayne Dolby.  

Meeting was called to order by Chairman, Mr. Hagen at 6PM.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to approve the July 16th minutes as prepared.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to approve September 1th minutes as prepared.

Harvester – potential maintenance issues/expenses:

Mr. Amstead mentioned that he has spoken with Mr. Ziegler regarding the maintenance to the harvester and Mr. Ziegler would like to install new teeth on the harvester machine for cutting the weeds.  Mr. Amstead also mentioned that there is a leak in the fuel oil system and he will research which company to purchase the part that is needy for replacement.  Mr. Amstead stated that there’s currently one storage bin on the harvester but would like to purchase another one.  A motion was made, seconded and so voted to purchase one storage bin.  It was noted that the Board will purchase a gift certificate in the amount of $200.00 from John Andrews Restaurant for Mr. Ziegler. 

Weeds/Water Testing:  

It was noted that the Board all agreed that Mr. Zeigler had done a great job this year and the two extra weeks was a help.

Mr. Hagen mentioned that all the Board members have seen the report Ms. Shannon Poulin submitted.  Mr. Hagen also had a report on the phosphorus testing that Microbac had completed.

Beavers/Outlet Condition:

Mr. Hagen mentioned that Mr. Chris Bloom has agreed to work with the District since Mr. Ives has left.  Mr. Hagen stated that Mr. Bloom began work in late October and the first item was the three inch drawn down of the lake.  Mr. Hassett will travel through the area on his canoe to see how things are progressing.

New Business:

Mr. Hagen mentioned that he has been having conversion with the New Marlborough Planning Board regarding zoning, Mr. Hagen is hopeful that the Planning Board will established zoning for the District.

Mr. Hagen mentioned he has located a study report done in 2001 Phosphorus Operating.  The Board briefly discussed that they would like Ms. Poulin to research and teach the Board on Phosphorus.

Next meeting is scheduled for January 2, 2021 at Monterey Community Center at 6PM.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to adjourn at 6:36PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Chretien, District Clerk