Lake Buel District Board Meeting

August 31, 2021

Hassett – 168 Peter Menaker Road, New Marlborough

Members present:  Peter Hagen, Kyle Pierce, Chris Hassett, Mark Amstead & Wayne Dolby.

Meeting was called to order by Chair, Pete Hagen at 6:18PM.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to approve the minutes of July 15th meeting as prepared.


Mr. Hassett mentioned that the display of fireworks is all set and ready to go.  Mr. Amstead mentioned that all permits required have been issued.

Year to date financials:

The Board reviewed account balances for both fiscal year FY21 & FY22 in preparation for FY23 upcoming budget. 

Outlet discussion/fish & game trapping assist/DEP:

The Board discussion hiring Gary O’Brien’s team to assist with clearing debris of the outlet from banks.

Mr. Hagen mentioned that he has tried to contact fish & game multiples time and no one has returned a reply call.  Mr. Hagen will continue to try to get in contact with fish & game since the Board needs an answer if the trapper can have someone assist him.

Mr. Hagen mentioned that he has spoken with Mark Stinson, Regional DEP representative for guidance and Mr. Stinson isn’t able to make any recommendations.

Signs/damage to dam:

Mr. Hagen had a few signs made to be placed around the dam area, to prevent damage occurring to the dam.  It was mentioned that 4 or 5 boats traveled through the dam area and did significant damage.

Testing results/weeds/continue harvesting/create committee/letter to land owners:

The Board mentioned that the testing results have been good so far regarding.  Phosphate testing has been high.  The Board will wait for the end of the year results.  The Board would be interested in having Ms. Shannon Poulin attend a meeting to discuss the testing results.

Mr. Amstead mentioned at this time there have been 86 truckloads of weeds removed so far this season.  The Board discussed having the harvester continue working 2 more weeks past labor day.

The Board discussed creating a committee to investigate zebra mussels.  It was mentioned that zebra mussels grow and grow like weeds, and boats should be clean when they enter into the lake.  It was decided to revisit this item again next year.

Mr. Hagen will draft a letter to send to land owners regarding trapping at the inlet to the lake.

District tax billing/district assessor:

The Board discussed the current company that handles the tax billing for the District.  This year they have made multiple errors, and have made errors in past years.  The Board is researching new billing companies for information and quotes.

It was mentioned that the district assessor died and a replacement has to be hired. 

Next meeting is scheduled for December 14th at 6PM – Dolby residents 28 Corashire Road.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to adjourn at 7:32 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Chretien, Clerk