Emergency contact list, and a new Lake Buel discussion list

The Prudential Committee for Lake Buel would like you to take note of the following:

1. We are updating our EMAIL emergency contact list. Whether you have submitted your email address previously or not, please provide us with a current email address for no more than two people per residence. Your email will be  used only by the Prudential Committee.

2. Please visit www.lakebuel.org and SUBSCRIBE. Postings on this site include: Prudential Committee meeting minutes and schedule for future meetings, lab reports from water testing on the lake, information on the fireworks and other lake topics.

3. We are pleased to announce the creation of a new PRIVATE google group for Lake Buel residents ONLY and is limited to those who receive the Lake Buel tax bill. It will provide updates about our lake, enhance group communication and group activities. Please provide email addresses for no more than (2) people per address.

Fill out in PRINT the following and send it back with your payment tax bill.


Lakeside Address __________________________

Email Address  1__________________________

Email Address 2______________________

Participation in the google group (circle).      YES    NO

The address to send your tax payment and this form is:

Tax Collector
Lake Buel District
PO BOX 236
Mill River, MA 01244

Please note there is a new option to pay your tax bill online.


 If you should choose this payment route, do NOT forget to print out, fill out & return this form to the Tax Collector address above. 

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact the Collector’s Office at: lakebueldistrict@yahoo.com.