Emergency contact list, and a new Lake Buel discussion list

The Prudential Committee for Lake Buel would like you to take note of the following:

1. We are updating our EMAIL emergency contact list. Whether you have submitted your email address previously or not, please provide us with a current email address for no more than two people per residence. Your email will be  used only by the Prudential Committee.

2. Please visit www.lakebuel.org and SUBSCRIBE. Postings on this site include: Prudential Committee meeting minutes and schedule for future meetings, lab reports from water testing on the lake, information on the fireworks and other lake topics.

3. We are pleased to announce the creation of a new PRIVATE google group for Lake Buel residents ONLY and is limited to those who receive the Lake Buel tax bill. It will provide updates about our lake, enhance group communication and group activities. Please provide email addresses for no more than (2) people per address.

Fill out in PRINT the following and send it back with your payment tax bill.


Lakeside Address __________________________

Email Address  1__________________________

Email Address 2______________________

Participation in the google group (circle).      YES    NO

The address to send your tax payment and this form is:

Tax Collector
Lake Buel District
PO BOX 236
Mill River, MA 01244

Please note there is a new option to pay your tax bill online.


 If you should choose this payment route, do NOT forget to print out, fill out & return this form to the Tax Collector address above. 

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact the Collector’s Office at: lakebueldistrict@yahoo.com.

7 thoughts on “Emergency contact list, and a new Lake Buel discussion list

  1. Ginny, thanks for this, and for your keeping this site up to date with important information we might not otherwise get.

    But. just so there’s no ambiguity, could you state the address we should be sending the printed-out form to?


    • If you elect to pay your bill online, the completed email form should be mailed (USPS) back to the same place you would mail your tax bill:

      Tax Collector
      Lake Buel District
      PO BOX 236
      Mill River, MA 01244

  2. Sharon, you must SEND (USPS) your email info to the town tax collector! You will get a paper copy of this note along with your email soon. See address I just replied to the group with. If you have any questions just reach out again TY

  3. Ginny,

    The link for online payment is not working. Also, I suggest that an email address be set up for people to send their emergency contact info. This would save the expenses of both the Lake Buel District and individuals and streamline the process.

  4. Brad, the PC has been working hard for many years to obtain email addresses for all those on the lake. However many homes have changed hands & some people have changed their email addresses. In addition there are homes that have been passed down generation to generation often with the last name of the surviving children different from the actual name on the tax bill. Then factor in the second homeowner actually being around when they have tried to contact them. Oh and COVID! As a result this has been a daunting task!

    Since the tax collector has the proper USPS info & the PC is anxious to reach everyone in a timely fashion via email should an emergency occur, they felt this would be the most reliable way to achieve their goal in a timely fashion. By including the letter you see online with our annual tax bill you are ensuring those email address returned are legitimate address of lake residents & the correct info has been collected. It also has the additional privacy safety net for all since there are people that subscribe to this website who are NOT residents of the lake but most welcome to use the site! It would be very hard to differentiate them in an email response.That privacy factor was important & will be included with the new google group because you can actually control who becomes a member.
    There is really no additional expense for anyone. The tax bill had to go out & it was just a few weeks ago that the website was established to pay your tax bill online. I will NOTIFY the tax collector about the glitch with the online site ASAP.

    For those paying online, sending a hard copy allows the replies to be cross checked thereby ensuring all addresses are accurate & they are actual residents on the lake. A simple postage stamp for us (which you had to do anyhow if you pay your bill USPS), a rather time consuming act for for those collecting the info. A win win for everyone once its set up & can be utilized.

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