for those residents of the Lake Buel Tax District who did NOT receive a link to the google group:
Scroll down on this site to the September 7, 2022 posting. Note the flyer to be filled out & returned to the tax collector. You can either download & print that notice or take a picture of it. Fill the info out & send it back to the tax collector via email or USPS. Once received we will then send you a link.

Lake Buel Google Group

For those living within the Lake Buel District: If you returned the completed form requesting to join the LB google group along with your tax bill or if you contacted me & requested to join, you should have received an email notification that you have been added to the group list.The message would have come from: The subject line is:You have been added to Lake Buel. If you are confident that you submitted the form, please check your inbox & spam folder. If you still don’t see it, please reply & we will figure it out. NOTE THIS APPLIES ONLY TO PROPERTY OWNERS WITHIN THE LAKE BUEL TAX DISTRICT!