Lake Buel District Meeting December 9, 2022

Lake Buel District Board Meeting

December 7, 2022

 464 Main Road, Monterey

Members present:  Chris Hassett, Mark Amstead, Wayne Dolby, Kyle Pierce, and John Halbreich.  Other Present: Pete Hagen, Ginny Hyde & Doug Hyde.

Meeting was called to order by Chair, Mark Amstead at 6PM.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to approve the minutes of August 17th as prepared.

New Business:

Ginny & Doug Hyde were present to discuss dredging, email list and bylaws.  Mr. Doug Hyde mention that per the bylaws dredging is allowed.  Mrs. Ginny Hyde had a letter to read to the Board from Mr. Jerry Weinstock who was not able to be present.  Mr. Weinstock letter touch on the bylaws that were established in 1986 and that the Board should follow them, dredging should occur in the North Bowl, and the Board should look into the dash system.  Mrs. Hyde emailed the Board some information regarding bylaws, dash and dredging methods, boat access ramp, measures lakeside residents can take to protect the lake, and grants, fundraising, that she and Mr. Weinstock have been researching.

  1. Bylaws – clearly cover seeking methods to address weeds and dredging.
  2. Dash & Dredging – Mr. & Mrs. Hyde, Mr. Weinstock and Mr. Dolby were guest of Dr. Mike Germain’s boat to observe the dash program in action on Lake Garfield, and met Mr. Matt Vogt, New England Aquatic Services.  Dredging will have some logistical issue and require extensive permitting, and financing.
  3. Boat Access Ramp – Mr. Doug Cameron, Department of Fish & Game Public Access met the Hyde’s and will speak will an engineer assigned to the site.  Mr. Cameron will also contact DCR to remove the large Styrofoam penguin.
  4. Measures residents can take to protect the lake – water results need to be posted so people can be enlighten with some actions that they can take to combat insects and weeds in their own property.
  5. Grants/Fundraising – There are substantial Federal & State grants available to preservation of lakes and there is many ways to fundraise.  

Mr. Wayne Dolby mentioned that the dash system is two divers are pulling weeds by hand via a suction which goes up a tube into bags, unto a screen boat.  This is done is small areas at a time.  Cost is $2000.00 to $3,000.00 an day – 1 person on the boat and 2 divers.  Mrs. Hyde mentioned that dredging is silt and dash is weeds.  It was also mention that silt is a problem.  The District is currently just cutting the weeds.  Mrs. Hyde will keep researching.  

Water Testing/ Water Level:

Mr. Amstead mentioned that the water level is up and the dam boards have been removed.  Mr. Amstead also has contact Mr. Chris Bloom, trapper, who will only be available on weekends.

Any Other Business:

The Board reviewed the bylaws regarding deed property rights, since it has come to the Board’s attention that a few owners are not in the tax billing system and want to pay the District taxes.  Per the bylaws it states that property owners that have deed rights pay taxes to the District, the Board can’t give property rights since they don’t own the property.  The Board recommends the property owners contact a lawyer.

The Board discussed using Zoom for future meetings, and are willingly to accept Zoom platform, but will need someone to run the Zoom for each board meeting.

Mr. Pete Hagen will submit a letter to the Lake & Ponds Associates (LAPA) on the behalf of the District.  The Board reviewed the letter and approved submitting the letter to LAPA.  The Board thanked Mr. Hagen for completing.

Mrs. Kyle Pierce will order the gift certificate to the Old Mill for Mr. David Ziegler.

Next meeting is scheduled for January 19th 2023, 6PM at the Pierce residence – 464 Main Rd, Monterey.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to adjourn at 8:21 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Chretien, Clerk

1 thought on “Lake Buel District Meeting December 9, 2022

  1. Hello Lake Buel Community.

    Two items:.

    1. This statement attributed to me in the minutes is incorrect – ” dredging should occur in the North Bowl,”. The correct statement that I made was ” dredging should occur in the area of the lake that goes from the North Bowl to the Southern Rectangle where it has always been shallow. There isn’t much depth to give up and, in some places, – the center navigation area – between the two areas, the water which was maybe 8’ deep years ago is less than 5’ deep. We will end up with limited ability to navigate between the two parts of the lake. And those that live on the southern half will end up a pond in their front yard and not a lake. A danger to boaters, skiers, and swimmers.”

    2. The Lake Buel District Bylaws which were referenced in the Minutes that Ginny Hyde was requested to post can’t be attached to a blog post. So short of pasting the bylaws text into a blog post which isn’t very practical there isn’t currently a way to do it. Consequently, I will be posting it to the Lake Buel District Google Group.

    Have a great day.

    Jerry Weinstock

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