A Brief History

 The Lake Buel Restoration/Preservation District was formed within the towns of New Marlborough and Monterey, Massachusetts on March 1, 1986 by an overwhelming majority vote of eligible proprietors. The State legislation that enabled its formation was Chapter 756, “An Act Establishing The Lake Buel Restoration/Preservation District in the Towns of New Marlborough and Monterey” that passed on December 26, 1985 and signed by Governor Dukakis on January 7, 1986.

This unique governmental experience within the State which was enabled by landmark legislation, adopted the concept of a special purpose district usually used for fire departments and water supplies serving parts of more than one town to address the aquatic restoration and preservation of a lake infested with Eurasian Milfoil. The legislation was also unique in granting proprietors of land within the District who are not registered to vote within the Commonwealth, the right to vote on issues affecting their property.

The right to govern ourselves as an informed electorate using the process of an open town meeting has rich traditional roots that have been nourished in New England since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth in 1620. The experience can only continue to be successful when we come together in an annual meeting with great respect for the rights of our fellow citizens, with informed minds on warrant issues, and with willing hearts to seek the common good.

May we long cherish and enjoy the privilege of this experience as we seek to govern the Lake Buel District and guide it wisely within the purpose for which it was established.

[Written by Stanley C. Rossier]

3 thoughts on “A Brief History

  1. Can anyone at the lakebuel.org let me know the need for a Dock License when installing a 16’X4′, roll in dock into Lake Buel? This would be within compliance with Mass Reg 91

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