Lake Buel Google Group

For those living within the Lake Buel District: If you returned the completed form requesting to join the LB google group along with your tax bill or if you contacted me & requested to join, you should have received an email notification that you have been added to the group list.The message would have come from: The subject line is:You have been added to Lake Buel. If you are confident that you submitted the form, please check your inbox & spam folder. If you still don’t see it, please reply & we will figure it out. NOTE THIS APPLIES ONLY TO PROPERTY OWNERS WITHIN THE LAKE BUEL TAX DISTRICT!

Emergency contact list, and a new Lake Buel discussion list

The Prudential Committee for Lake Buel would like you to take note of the following:

1. We are updating our EMAIL emergency contact list. Whether you have submitted your email address previously or not, please provide us with a current email address for no more than two people per residence. Your email will be  used only by the Prudential Committee.

2. Please visit and SUBSCRIBE. Postings on this site include: Prudential Committee meeting minutes and schedule for future meetings, lab reports from water testing on the lake, information on the fireworks and other lake topics.

3. We are pleased to announce the creation of a new PRIVATE google group for Lake Buel residents ONLY and is limited to those who receive the Lake Buel tax bill. It will provide updates about our lake, enhance group communication and group activities. Please provide email addresses for no more than (2) people per address.

Fill out in PRINT the following and send it back with your payment tax bill.


Lakeside Address __________________________

Email Address  1__________________________

Email Address 2______________________

Participation in the google group (circle).      YES    NO

The address to send your tax payment and this form is:

Tax Collector
Lake Buel District
PO BOX 236
Mill River, MA 01244

Please note there is a new option to pay your tax bill online.

 If you should choose this payment route, do NOT forget to print out, fill out & return this form to the Tax Collector address above. 

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact the Collector’s Office at:

Results from water testing by LAPA on Lake Buel 8/6/2022

LAPA’s Cyanobacteria Monitoring Program

Lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water have microscopic organisms living in the water. Some of these organisms can be toxic in large quantities to humans, pets, and local wildlife. A particular group of potentially toxic organisms are called cyanobacteria. Cyanobacteria are aquatic bacteria that obtain their energy through photosynthesis (a process of obtaining energy using sunlight). Cyanobacteria are more commonly called “blue-green algae”. There are many different species of cyanobacteria, but not all of them produce toxins. When optimal conditions are in place, the cyanobacteria can grow in large blooms which could be toxic to the body of water. Optimal conditions include warmer temperatures, abundant sunlight, more intense rainfall, pollution from human activities and plentiful nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

The program consists of taking a temperature and dissolved oxygen profile from the surface to the bottom of the lake. The lake is also tested for turbidity by using a secchi disc. Light can reach up to 2 to 3 times the amount that is seen with the secchi disc. With all of these parameters considered, it can provide a viable location below the surface as to where the cyanobacteria maybe blooming before the bloom arrives at the surface. Dissolved oxygen below 2 mg/L allows for the nutrients located in the sediments to be released providing food for the cyanobacteria. Nutrients, mainly total phosphorus is collected and tested by Microbac to determine the levels. Any amount over 0.02 mg/L is considered to be too high.

Cell counts are conducted to provide a quantitative reading on the genus’s present in the lake along with the phycocyanin levels (blue-green pigment specific to cyanobacteria). Testing is conducted every two weeks. The states threshold for unsafe levels for recreational use of the lake are 70,000 cells/mL of cyanobacteria. Every citizen can participate in the monitoring by watching the lake for any sign of blooms (anything abnormal on the surface and/or water column) and letting us know so we can test it.


Lake Buel District Board Meeting – March 14, 2022

Lake Buel District Board Meeting

March 14, 2022

 (note: March 9th meeting was postpone due to weather conditions)

Dolby – 28 Corashire Road, New Marlborough

Members present:  In person: Chris Hassett, Mark Amstead, and Wayne Dolby.  Kyle Pierce via phone.

Meeting was called to order by Acting Chair, Mark Amstead at 6PM.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to approve the minutes of December 8th as amended.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to accept Peter Hagen resignation with regret.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted Mark Amstead as chairman of the Board.

The Board discussed possible candidates to fill the vacancy on the Board.  Kyle Pierce will reach out to see if Ms. Catino would be interested in serving as the moderator.

Complete budget 22/23:

The Board reviewed and discussed article #5 General Government most of the line items were voted to stay level funded, with only a few increases for salaries and new laptop for the Tax Collector/Treasurer.

New business:

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to join LAPA.  Kyle Pierce will contact the representative from LAPA.

Mark Amstead will contact the Monterey Fire Monterey to see if the District book the pavilion for the annual meeting.  Mark will also contact Mount Everett Sanitation for use a portable toilet.

Kyle Pierce will work on the cover letter for the annual warrant package.

Mark Amstead will contact the beaver trapper to see if still available to work for the District.

Next meeting is scheduled for May 28th 2022 after annual meeting is completed.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to adjourn at 7:02 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Chretien, Clerk

Lake Buel District Board Meeting Minutes – May 28, 2022

Lake Buel District Board Meeting

May 28, 2022

Monterey Fire Department Pavilion, Monterey 

Members present:  Kyle Pierce, Chris Hassett, Mark Amstead, Wayne Dolby, & John Halbreich.

Meeting was called to order by, Mark Amstead at 11:16 AM.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to nominate Mr. Amstead as chair.

The Board members welcome Mr. Halbreich to the Board.

FY23 Tax Rate:

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to approve FY23 tax rate of $.59 per thousand.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to have only a single tax rate.

Next meeting is scheduled for August 17th at 6PM or 1800 Mr. Hassett residence at 168 Peter Menaker Rd, New Marlborough.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to adjourn at 11:33 AM.

Post note: There was an error that occurred when the tax rate was approved with the values bring down the tax rate.  The Department of Revenue is reviewing the corrected information and should approve a new tax rate of $.76 per thousand for 2022. 

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Chretien, Clerk

Lake Buel Tag Sale! Sunday August 21

The Lake Buel Lake Association invites you to our tag sale Sunday August 21st

New Marlborough Town Green, next to the Farmer’s Market 10:00-4:30

The fundraiser is to help offset maintenance costs of the Lake.

LAKE NEIGHBORS & TOWN FRIENDS: Please drop off goods to sell on Sunday morning between 8:30-10:00 AM.

All items should be “in good shape & not too large” to allow for their removal should they not sell. Collectibles, antiques, clothes, bric-a-brac, tools, etc will be allowed.

Hope to see you there!