Lake Buel District Board Meeting

Lake Buel District Board Meeting
July 2, 2019
28 Seven Arts Road, Monterey

Members present: Peter Hagen, Kyle Pierce, Chris Hassett, Mark Amstead.
Meeting was called to order by Chairman, Mr. Hagen at 7:07PM.
A motion was made, seconded and so voted to approve May 25th minutes as amended.
A motion was made, seconded and so voted to approve the minutes form Annual Town Meeting, May 25th as amended.
Old Business: Mrs. Pierce mentioned that she has received the results of the cyanbacteria testing from Ms. Shannon Poulin. Mrs. Pierce will forward the results to the other members for review. The Board would like to know where the location of testing is being done in the lake.
Mrs. Pierce mentioned that she has spoken with someone from the Monterey Board of Health regarding the testing results and they don’t have them on file, possibly the testing results went to Tri Town Health.

Outlet Clean Out: Mr. Amstead mentioned that Mr. Chris Tryon has begun the Notice of Intent application but hasn’t completed it yet.
Harvester/Maintenance/Weeds: Mr. Amstead also mentioned that the Harvester had broken down and was fixed the next day.
Mr. Amstead also mentioned that no contract has been signed yet by the new harvester contractor. The Board reviewed the bills submitted by the contractor and the Board would like the contractor to work more hours in the lake. Mr. Amstead will review the bills in more detail. It was noted that no work would occur on July 4th.

The Board discussed that weeds still continue to grow later into the season and then they seem to die off in the fall/winter. It was noted that there are areas where you can see the weeds getting worse, the Board will keep an eye on those areas.

Audit: Mr. Hagen will contact Scanlon & Associates office regarding scheduling an audit.

Email List: Mr. Hagen mentioned that Mrs. Ginny Hyde will handle the email list and is still working on it.

The Board reviewed the bills and approved payment of all.

Next meeting is scheduled for August 27th at 7PM, Mrs. Pierce’s residence – 28 Seven Arts Road.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to adjourn at 8:24PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Chretien, District Clerk

Lake Buel District Board Meeting

Lake Buel District Board Meeting
May 25, 2019
Main Road (United Church of Christ), Monterey

Members present: Peter Hagen, Kyle Pierce, Chris Hassett, Mark Amstead & Wayne Dolby.
Meeting was called to order by Chairman, Mr. Hagen at 11:15AM.
A motion was made, seconded and so voted to approve May 7th minutes as amended.
After a brief discussion a motion was made, seconded and so voted to use flat rate for taxes for FY20 as $.82 per thousand.
Mrs. Pierce mentioned that a few of the voters spoke about the issue of parking for the Annual Town Meeting. The Board discussed possible other locations to host the Annual Town Meeting.
The Board discussed that sludge is a main issue that goes to the bottom of the lake. Mr. Hassett will be exploring websites and gather more information for the Board to review.
Mr. Hassett mentioned that Camp Half Moon has water testing done 4 to 5 times during the season per the Board of Health. Mrs. Pierce will contact the Monterey’s Board of Health to see if she can obtain a copy of the results if they have them.
Mr. Hagen mentioned that Ms. Robin Williams is a retired bio teacher and is willingly to assist Board if needed.
Mrs. Pierce mentioned that Ms. Shannon Poulin works both Camp Half Moon & Friends of Lake Garfield and is a very responsible student, whom happens to do the water testing.
Next meeting is scheduled for July 2nd at 7PM, Mrs. Pierce’s residence – 28 Seven Arts Road.
A motion was made, seconded and so voted to adjourn at 11:34AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Chretien, District Clerk

Lake Buel District Board Meeting

Lake Buel District Board Meeting May 7, 2019
28 Seven Arts Road, Monterey

Members present: Kyle Pierce, Chris Hassett, Mark Amstead, Wayne Dolby; and Peter Hagen by phone.

Meeting was called to order by Pete Hagen at 7:01 PM.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to approve the minutes of March 12th as prepared.

Old Business:

  •   The Board members inquired if there are any issues with hiring Mr. David Ziegler, Weed

    Harvester operator. Mr. Amstead stated that Mr. Ziegler will have his insurance in place within a week, and is ready to begin work. Mr. Ziegler has a location that the harvester can be stored, but no garage. Mr. Amstead will work on drawing up a contract for Mr. Ziegler. Mr. Ziegler will start work around Memorial Day weekend depending upon if Mr. Leigh Tryon is able to put the harvester into the lake.

  •   Mr. Hagen mentioned that he has spoken with Mr. Mike Germain regarding on how the results of test the bacteria will be handled; Mr. Germain said that the results will be public records. Mr. Hassett asked if this testing had been done before; Mr. Hagen stated that he was told it was never done before. Mrs. Pierce mentioned that she has spoken with six other people and they said no other testing has been done. Mr. Hagen mentioned that he has spoken to DEP and they have completed testing in the lake back in 2002. Mr. Hagen will meet with Mr. Germain to follow up. It was noted that testing is only done when the public is using the lake. Mr. Dolby will speak with Kushner to see if they do lake testing. Mr. Hassett will contact Camp Half Moon and see if they do lake testing.
  •   Warrant Package FY20: The Board reviewed & discussed the warrant package which includes all articles so that the Board can be ready to answer any questions at the upcoming Annual Meeting.
  •   Mr. Chris Tryon is working on the permitting on the outlet clean out.
  •   Mr. Hagen mentioned that he’ll continue to work on the email list.
  •   Mr. Hassett will laminate the map area of the lake to keep on the harvester.
  •   The Board discussed purchasing oil booms. Mr. Amstead mentioned that one should be

    purchased for the harvester.
    A motion was made, seconded and so voted to adjourn at 7:43 PM.

    Next meeting is scheduled for May 25th at United Church of Christ Meeting House, 449 Main Road, Monterey. The Board members will schedule a work meeting for May 21st at Mrs. Pierce residence.


Respectfully submitted, Kathy Chretien, Clerk

How to Prevent Algae blooms on Lake Buel!

How to prevent algal blooms at your lake
By Sara Laux
Published: May 10, 2018

algal-blooms-in-lake Photo by C N Elliott/Shutterstock
An oxygen-starved area of almost 165,000 square kilometres in the Gulf of Oman is now the world’s largest marine “dead zone.” Incapable of supporting life, dead zones can occur naturally in deep water but are becoming more common in coastal waters because of algal blooms that use up the water’s oxygen when they die and decompose. Algal blooms, meanwhile, are increasing as agricultural runoff, containing chemical fertilizers like phosphorus, contaminates water sources.

Algal blooms aren’t just an ocean problem. At one point in the 1960s, Lake Erie was thought to be dying because of extensive blooms, which led to 1972’s Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement between the U.S. and Canada. And while phosphorus levels dropped in Lake Erie and the other Great Lakes in the 1980s, rising lake temperatures caused by climate change mean algae growth is now a problem in the Great Lakes once again.

Dead zones aren’t the only problem with algal blooms. Some species of algae are toxic to animals and humans, affecting fish and bird populations as well as making swimming and fishing dangerous. Cyanobacteria, which is called blue-green algae but is actually a photosynthesizing bacteria, can contaminate water supplies and cause headaches, fever, nausea, vomiting and, in serious cases, severe liver damage.

Algae doesn’t necessarily mean poor water quality, but it can be a problem. So what’s the key to reducing algae on your lake? The most effective thing to do is reduce the number of algae-feeding nutrients, especially phosphorus, that make it into the water. Here are some tips to keep your lake in tip-top shape.

Be careful with fertilizer

Sure, you want a nice green lawn and healthy plants — but that fertilizer you spread in your garden also encourages algae to bloom. It’s best to avoid fertilizer altogether if you’re close to a water source — plant native plants instead, which are well-adapted to the environment and don’t require special maintenance. If you must fertilize, try and find a phosphorus-free product, and reduce run-off by applying it when there’s no rain in the forecast.

And don’t think natural fertilizer like manure or compost is any better than a chemical version, anything that’s going to make your garden plants grow is going to make algae grow as well.It’s best to avoid fertilizers generally.

Check your septic system

Just as manure encourages algae to grow, so does human sewage. (Plus, gross.) A leaky septic system can easily contaminate water sources, so make sure you keep your septic tank well maintained and be on the lookout for cracks and fissures.

It also goes without saying that you shouldn’t, ahem, go number 2 anywhere close to a water source, and don’t allow your pets to poop close to the water either. Even if you didn’t run the risk of making people sick, you don’t want to give algae any extra nutrients.

Don’t use a garburator

Compost is great for gardens — which means it’s great for algae, too. Garburators, or in-sink garbage disposals, deposit food waste into the water system, which can lead to “nutrient loading” into lakes through water treatment plants. Land composting is a much better option for kitchen waste.

Combat shoreline erosion

An eroded shoreline, meaning few plants or trees, means more run-off from the land into your lake. Make sure your shoreline is planted with native species to help keep its integrity intact and run-off out of the lake, and don’t cut down vegetation that’s already there.

Don’t lather up near water sources

Even if you’re using biodegradable or organic soap, it’s best to keep it far from water sources. Use a bucket or other container for your wash water, then bury your rinse water so bacteria in the soil can break down any contaminants. It sounds like a pain, but it’s better than washing in slimy, smelly algae.

Be careful with your detergents

Canada banned phosphates in household cleaning products in 2010, but if you’re using an old bottle of dish detergent, you could still be dumping algae-feeding nutrients into your lake. Make sure you’re using phosphate-free cleaners and soaps.

Minimize impervious surfaces close to the water where possible

The goal in preventing nutrient-rich runoff from making it into lakes and other water sources is making sure it’s absorbed by the earth, which is a lot harder to do if you’ve paved right up to the edge of your shoreline. Ideally, you’ll have a nice, natural shoreline, complete with plenty of native plants, around your lake to make sure run-off stays on land.

Lake Buel District Board Meeting

November 13, 2018

28 Seven Arts Road, Monterey

Members present: Kyle Pierce, Chris Hassett, Mark Amstead, Wayne Dolby, & Peter Hagen by phone.

Meeting was called to order by Pete Hagen at 7PM.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to approve the minutes of July 21st as amended.

The Board reviewed mail and bills:

MIIA: Property & Casualty Credit ($190).
Tyron Construction bills for weed harvesting & maintenance.
Stor-it-All, Inc – Sheffield.
Berkshire Fireworks.
United States Postal Service – PO Box rent.
The Main Street America Group – Bond for Tax Collector.
The Board reviewed and discussed the financial report submitted by Treasurer.

New Business:

Mark has reviewed the maintenance binder for the Harvester – not all information was clear, will need to contact the company.
Mike has replaced hoses that are necessary and will do inspections of the harvester.
Mark is up for re-election in May, 2019.
Kyle mentioned that Dave Logan has passed on, who was a former board member.
Chris has picked up 3 storage containers from Dave Logan’s residence. Chris will keep the smaller container at this time and the two bigger containers will go into the Stor-it-all unit.

Old Business:

Pete will attend the December meeting of the New Marlborough Conservation Commission to extend the two order of conditions and Pete will also discuss the issue of debris in the outlet.
Pete mentioned that he is still working on the email list, which a google group can handle.
Mark mentioned that a valuable worker is leaving Berkshire Fireworks and there might be difficulties obtaining permitting next year.
Kyle has spoken with the Monterey’s Town Accountant and Select Board Chair regarding audit and they will look to see if anyone is interested in completing an audit for the District. Kyle will continue to work on this.


Mark will contact the Monterey Fire Department about a boom.
Truck/Harvester is parked behind Lee’s house.

5 Year Plan:

Pete has talked with Steve Snyder regarding how they have handle things at Lake Garfield and will keep investigating on how to proceed.


Weeds are still growing into October; need to get has many weeds removed so they don’t turn into silt.
Board agreed to extend the harvesting three more weeks at the end of the summer (five work days total about $512 a day).
Weeds are getting aggressive in the outlet.

The Board worked on FY20 budget for article #5 General Government.

A motion was made, seconded and so voted to adjourn at 8:40 PM.

Next meeting is scheduled for January 2nd at Peter Hagen residence – 62 Lakeside Rd.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Chretien, Clerk

Notify NM select board via USPS

Hello friends of Lake Buel. Thank you all for your support in our efforts to fight the proposed cannibas industrial complex in Hartsville. There has been quite a surge of support with our efforts to stop the New Marlborough select board from granting a special permit to Campus Oasis the proposed Industrial Complex. However we remain very concerned that our elected officials are in favor of this proposal. It has come to our attention that “any email letters sent to the select board voicing an opposition to this special permit are not considered valid & may not even be read”.
Despite the concern & opposition from those who have attended the select board & planning board meetings on this subject, we have concerns that the select board may rule in favor of the permit. That decision will probably be made at March 12th open meeting. I strongly urge you to send a letter via USPS to the select board opposing the special permit submitted by Campus Oasis, ASAP! Only letters addressed to the board & mailed by the US postal service can be considered.

Opposition to Industrial Complex Buildout

February 28, 2018

Dear Selectmen,

Board of Selectmen
807 Mill River Southfield Road
Mill River, MA 01244

I am writing to you as a board member of the Lake Buel Restoration and Preservation District (LBD). The LBD, created approximately 25 years ago, is a unique municipality representing all property owners with access to Lake Buel. The Board represents both New Marlborough and Monterey landowners.
It has come to our attention that a Special Permit Hearing is scheduled for March 12, 2018 to consider Mr. Setiz’s application to construct an Industrial Complex in Hartsville. The application survey shows that the complex will consist of over 110,000 square feet of covered space and indicates future expansion to include a Solar Farm, Lodging of some sort, parking spaces planned for 48 vehicles, and creation of a new access road.

Passage of this application will bring dramatic change to Hartsville with increased traffic, and potential adverse affects to wildlife, environmental and other impacts we may not foresee today. The processing of Marijuana produces many by-products, both liquid and solids, that need to be labeled Hazardous Waste. Oversight by the town would need to be comprehensive and expensive.

The legalization of marijuana is not a closed issue, as the Federal Government still lists Marijuana as a controlled substance. As you know, the areas that lie below the proposed project are sensitive wetlands as a ride along Adsit Crosby road will demonstrate. These wetlands receive drainage from the mountain above and then drain into the Konkapot River. The Konkapot River over the last 15 years has flowed backward into Lake Buel at least three times. Contamination of these wetlands backing up into Lake Buel could have very negative consequences. These sensitive areas should be protected and the construction of a large Industrial Complex will pose serious problems.

Aesthetically, the project will be a disaster to the beauty of New Marlborough. Being perched on the hillside, visible in all directions, is not how we want to grow Hartsville or New Marlborough. Future plans for lodging will only bring further blight to that area. Lake Buel landowners, who represent a very significant portion of the taxes raised in New Marlborough, currently pay a large premium for the views of the lake and surrounding hills and mountains. The proposed project would be visible from most of the Lake and even worse, 24 hour security lighting will create severe light pollution!

Lake Buel is a significant asset to New Marlborough which attracts tourists and second home owners that demand very little from the towns’ resources. Let’s try to keep this asset intact and allow future generations to appreciate it as it is today.

In conclusion, let it be clear that the Lake Buel District Board, representing landowners of New Marlborough and Monterey who have access to the lake, strongly oppose the construction of this large Industrial Complex at the currently proposed site. Your negative vote will help protect Hartsville, the environment, and preserve the unique beauty of our community.

Cc: New Marlborough Conservation Committee
Peter Hagen, Chairman
Lake Buel Restoration and Preservation District Board