Prudential Committee Info

The Prudential Committee of the Lake Buel Restoration/Preservation District is the governing body of the District.


In the face of the Milfoil invasion in the 1960’s and 1970’s, a group of property owners developed a plan to create a special tax district to raise money in an equitable fashion from all vested property owners around the Lake in order to combat any and all aquatic invasive species. The District was formed by an act of the legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1985. You are a member if you have waterfront property and/or deeded rights to the Lake, which includes approximately 225 cottages. (Deeded rights cannot be added to or subtracted from your title.)

Special Feature of the District

One of the most important and unique features of this District is that it allows property owners whose primary residence may be elsewhere, in this state or any other state, to have an equal vote in District matters.

Responsibilities and  powers

As a special purpose tax District, the District is empowered to assess, levy and collect taxes on the deeded properties in the District.  Failure by a deeded property owner to pay District taxes results in a lien being placed on the property. The funds raised by the District are used to run the annual harvesting program and to implement any plan voted on by the members of the District at the annual District meeting that addresses restoration and/or preservation of the Lake for recreational purposes.

The Annual District Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the District is held on the Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend in the basement of the church on Main Street in Monterey. The meeting is held in old New England town meeting style with a Moderator, and with discussion and votes taken from the floor. A packet containing the warrant of articles, relevant information, and a proxy form for voting is sent out in early May.  If you do not receive your packet, please contact the District Clerk, Pat Mielke.

 LAPA – West

The Lake Buel Restoration/Preservation District is a member of LAPA,  a regional lake and pond association.  Their 2013 report is available here.

5 thoughts on “Prudential Committee Info

  1. What is going on with lowering the lake? We received legal notification of a filing of a notice of intent – intent to do what?

  2. The lake is currently being re-filled and will soon be at the normal level.

    The NOI that the Lake Buel District Board secured this past winter basically is a Permit granted by the DEP to operate and maintain the water control device at the mouth of the outlet.
    The NOI includes restrictions that specify when and how fast we can lower or raise the lake.This year we are implementing these restrictions which is why the level of the lake is raising slower than in past years.
    Pete Hagen
    Lake Buel District Board

  3. I have been unable to send in the form for updating the emergency contact list, since I have already paid my taxes. Please indicate where I should send it.,
    Roger and Carol Kane

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