Prudential Committee Members

The Prudential Committee is comprised of three elected members plus representatives appointed by the Towns of Monterey and New Marlborough.  In addition, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts reserves the right send a non-voting representative.

  • Frank Ashen
  • Kyle Pierce, Monterey Representative
  • Chris Hassett, New Marlborough Representative
  • Mark Amstead
  • Peter Hagen, Chairman

2 thoughts on “Prudential Committee Members

  1. Hello there,
    I’m Mark Stroock from 31 Northeast Cove Rd. My daughter Tracey is up at the house this week. She tells me the weeds at our end of the Lake are very thick both in the channel and the beach area. I’m wondering if you can ask the folks doing the weeding double check our end of the lake.
    You can reach Tracey at 413-528-9325.

    Thank you,

    Mark Stroock

  2. Hi, I’m Amy Saltzman at 19 Laurel Banks Drive. The weeds are very thick near the beach area and dock. Who should I contact about this? Is there a phone number? Kindly advise.
    My number is 917-940-2974. Thank you,

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